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Rubber Ducky 2019

Sat, 2019-07-13
Zack Baker
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Not allowed

The Second 10th Annual Rubber Ducky Float Trip

Join Zack for a Rio Grande floating adventure. We will start at 9am on Saturday July 13 at the Red Dot trailhead, hike down to the river, continue up the river trail to the bottom of the Blue Dot. There, we will stop and enjoy lunch and inflate our floating toys/mattresses/water wings. We will then float back down to the Red Dot, wash off in the clean springs, and hike back to our cars.

There are no rapids in this section of the river. The $3 vinyl inner tube toys at Smiths are suitable for this trip, potentially with a life vest or wetsuit if desired. Please invite summer students and postdocs.   You should be comfortable with long hikes, comfortable with heights, and comfortable swimming.  

Please email Zack if you would like to sign up, or call 505-412-5961 for more information.

Trip Location: 

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