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CANCELLED: Wilderness First Aid certification at Gallina Canyon Ranch, May 3-5, 2019

Fri, 2019-05-03
Joy Whittle
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Unfortunately, this event did not draw enough interest to proceed. The Mountaineers intend to offer other opportunities for first aid training and certification.




Accidents happen in the out of doors. People get hurt, sick, or lost. The temperature drops, the wind picks up, and it starts to rain. Would you know what to do? Many backcountry emergencies are preventable, and even when bad things happen, sometimes the wrong care can make things worse. By learning a few basic skills, you can make the difference between a good outcome and a bad one-and maybe even save a life.

The Mountaineers are therefore offering a two-day Wilderness First Aid training and certification. Rather than doing the training in someone’s parking lot, we will combine the training with a weekend campout at remote Gallina Canyon Ranch, across the Chama River from the monastery, and hold much of the training on the trail. Gallina Canyon Ranch is a private canyon with very nice glamping facilities, as private and quiet as one could want. See


This event will take place with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 11. The cost for the first aid training will be $150 per person. The camping fee will depend on the number of participants, and would be about $65 per person for 9 participants.  All participants must be current members of the Mountaineers; one can join the Mountaineers for the annual dues of $15 single, $20 family, and submission of a waiver. Accompanying friends, spouses, etc. not participating in the first aid training will be considered for the camping only on a space-available basis, and must also be members of the Mountaineers.


Because of the private nature of the ranch, it is best to arrive in a single wave, so as to minimize disturbing the owners. We will therefore leave Los Alamos at about 2:00 PM on Friday and arrive at the ranch before dinner. There are good cooking facilities, and we will organize into two dinner teams; one to do a quick dinner on Friday, and one to do a dutch oven dinner on Saturday. The training will extend until 5:00 PM on Sunday; we will pack up that morning, so we can leave the ranch soon thereafter. If anyone wants to extend the trip, for example arriving the day before to get in a full day of hiking, we might be able to extend the reservation.


To hold a place in the course and at the campsite, please contact Joy Whittle at or 505-510-4022, and submit a deposit of $200 per person. Deposits will be refunded only if a suitable replacement can be found and approved by the trip leader.


More on the WFA course


SOLO's 16 hour (two day) WFA covers response and assessment, musculoskeletal injuries (sprains, strains, fractures), splinting, soft tissue injuries, blisters, animal bites and stings, environmental injuries (hypothermia, frostbite, heat-related injuries), and medical emergencies (shock, shortness of breath, chest pain). It includes recognizing signs and symptoms as well as treatment. Instruction will be a blend of lecture, demonstration, and scenarios. Visit for more information about WFA and other SOLO courses.


Some FAQ’s about the course:

The WFA is the perfect course for the outdoor enthusiast or trip leader who wants a basic level of first aid training for short trips with family, friends, and outdoor groups. It also meets the ACA guidelines.

The WFA is 16 hours long (two days), and focuses on the basic skills of: Response and Assessment, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Environmental Emergencies, Survival Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, and Medical Emergencies.

Yes. You will receive a SOLO WFA certification, which is good for two years.

The WFA may give continuing ed credits (depending on the specific requirements for your certification) and is approved for recertifying SOLO’s Wilderness First Responder program.

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