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Alpine Spring Backpack with Optional Summit Bid

Fri, 2019-05-17
Michael Altherr
505 231 3561
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Not allowed

We will plan to camp near Willow Lake in the Western drainage of the Crestones, below Kit Carson Peak. On Friday May 17tth we will drive from Los Alamos to Crestone, Co., departing around 09:00 with an anticipated arrival in Crestone of around 12:30. From there we will shoulder our backpacks and climb the 2850' in 41/4 miles to Willow Lk and set up camp. On Saturday, those interested can make a go at Kit Carson, or simply enjoy the day exploring the cirque. All my prior trips into the Crestones have been from the other side of the ridge (via S.Colony Lakes). I've heard wondering things about this area and I'm interested in checking it out.

There will be two planning meetings and if you are interested in participating you will need to attend one. The first meeting will be this Thursday April 25th at 17:30 at the Bathtub Row Brewpub. The second will be at on Wednesday May 1st at UnQuarked. At these meetings we will discuss the gear required, past experience, and your specific interests for the trip. While listed as an 'Advanced' trip, the walk to Willow Lk. is Class 1 and sounds like a glorious destinaton in its own right.

If interested in climbing, you should plan on having appropriate boots and crampons, an ice axe (of which the club has a plethora), helmut and an avy kit (again you should be able to borrow from the club) and at least rudimentary knowledge of how to use them. I am also planning several ice axe arrest and transceiver practices on Pajarito Mtn. on several mornings prior to the trip for those interested in sharpening their skills (pun intended). 

Trip is limited to ten particpants.

Trip Location: 

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