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Fish and Owl Canyon Backpack

Fri, 2019-10-18
Tanja Pietrass
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Not allowed

I have not done this hike, so it is somewhat exploratory.

Limit: This hike is limited to 6 backpackers, to ensure moving at a reasonable speed.  First come, first serve. I need to have a firm commitment including payment by July 13.

This is a 17 mile loop in the Cedar Mesa area in Utah. Note that this trip requires permits, and permits can be acquired the earliest 90 days in advance. The permit is $8/person plus $6 for the group, and they have to be picked up in person by noon of the first day at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station.

I have not done this backpack. The NPS recommends 3 days. I suggest the following itinerary:

Th evening/Friday morning: Drive to Kane Gulch ranger station (about 6 hours from LA). There is good car camping nearby, so I recommend driving up there Th night and car-camp. Any travelers arriving Friday must be on site by 9 am.

Fri morning: pick up the permit by 10 am. Then descend into Owl Canyon, and camp about 4 miles in (there should be water).

Sat: Do the majority of the backpack - reach the junction with Fish Canyon and hike up-canyon. There should be water in the upper regions of Fish. Camp in the upper reaches of the Canyon, before the climb out.

Sun: Climb out of the canyon and hike back to the trailhead. The climb out may require passing packs or even a short rope. Aim at returning to the vehicles by 11 am, so likely an early morning start. Drive home.

There are multiple springs in both canyons, and the creeks may have running water, too. We will confirm availability of water at the Ranger Station, and will adjust the plan accordingly so that we will have water at the campsites.

What to bring: We will discuss details as a group as the date draws nearer. Water purification equipment is a must for each backpacker.




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