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Cumbres Pass X-C Ski

Sun, 2019-12-01
Jean Dewart
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Let's go to Cumbres Pass for a X-C ski trip!

There are 23" of snow at the Pass Wednesday morning - with about 2' forecast in the next 2 days.  The weather should clearing Sat afternoon - so, I think the roads will be ok Sunday morning.  And Sunday will be a partly sunny day.   We will avoid skiing in any avalanche terrain, and the skiing will primarily be kick/gliding.  Backcountry touring skis needed.  

Leave LA at 7 am.  Start skiing around 9:30/10 am from Cumbres Pass.  Head towards Dixie Creek.  There will be significan trail breaking with all the new snow - so, we may or may not make the Chama Valley overlook.  (all will need to help with trail breaking)

Get back to the cars by ~3:30 pm.  Drive home, back by 6 pm.

Snowshoers welcome - but, it will be lots of trailbreaking - so, we would need several folks to make this work - we would create a "sub-team".  

Send me an email at if you can come!

(I might go again on Thurs Dec 5th, if you are interested)


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