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Ski to Brazos Overlook and Intermediate Backcountry Skills

Sat, 2020-03-07
Michael Altherr
505 231-3561
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Earlier this year Zack led a trip called 'Not-so-dawn Patrol, a sort of 101 level Intro to Backcountry, to acquaint folks with the use of backcountry skis, skins and such. This trip is a logical progression and follow to a suggestion made during the Avy Refresher Trip that I led in December, sort of a 200 level next step.

The plan is to drive to Brazos Overlook TH and ski the mounds on Saturday, then overnight in Chama and return on Sunday for a tour to the Brazos Overlook and additional turns for those so inclined. During the outing, I'm hoping that we can discuss planning for a backcountry adventure, travel skills in winter terrain including orienteering, equipment requirements and share prior experiences. I will also spend some time looking at the snow profile and doing some snow stability tests for those who might be interested. If you've contemplated doing a winter hut but have been reluctant to pull the trigger, my hope is that this trip will help boost your confidence to plunge into that great white adventure.

We will need to procure rooms in Chama on Saturday evening, which look to run about $100 or around $50 for shared occupancy.

You need to have a B/C kit: skis, skins and such as well as an Avy kit (including transceiver, probe and shovel). Let me know if you don't have an Avy kit and I will see if I can get one of the Club's sets for your use.

Call (505) 231-3561 or Email me if you are interested.

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