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Cabezon Peak

Sat, 2022-04-09
Evan Rose
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   Cabezon Peak towers 2000 feet above the Rio Puerco Valley.  This volcanic plug is the remnant of the core of a volcano - like Shiprock.  Appearing impregnable, Cabezon can nonetheless be ascended by the intrepid mountaineer who follows the hidden route that wends its way through a crack in the plug's defenses.  Said mountaineer must be able to execute a couple of low fourth class maneuvers in pursuit of the summit.

   The prepared person will bring hiking shoes, gloves, jacket, hat, sunscreen, water & lunch.  A climbing helmet is a good idea to protect from falling rocks.  Helmets can be borrowed from the club.  Hand lines will be provided for the tricky places.

   Read here for information about the Rio Puerco volcanic plugs.

   Watch video here “Exploring a Few New Mexico Volcanic Plugs” for a tour

   Los Alamos Mountaineers members who would like to participate should contact Evan.  We will depart Sullivan Field at 8 AM and drive ninety miles (about two hours) on NM 4, US 550 and NM 279.  Navigating the last mile of dirt road can be done with an SUV or a Subaru-type vehicle. This trip is a repeat of one held on April 10, 2021.

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