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Cerro Rubio and Shell Mountain, strenuous and exploratory

Sun, 2022-09-18
Olivia Li
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Not allowed

This trip is part of the 70th Anniversary celebration. Starting early from Pajarito Ski parking lot, we head out to Canada Bonita then toward Guaje Canyon. We will turn left before descending to the canyon and find a way to go up to Cerro Rubio. It is all off trail from here. From my hike here two years ago I know there are tremendous numbers of downed trees along the way. It is a challenging and difficult terrain to navigate.  Please understand you should not be discouraged by constantly going above/under/around downed trees when you sign up for this hike.

There would be great views on top of Cerro Rubio. We will then go down a couple of hundred feet on the steep and rocky slope and go up to Shell Mountain, all off trail. I have not done this part before. We will retrace our steps back to Cerro Rubio. We may find another way to go down to the trail based on the terrain and go back to the car.  

Expect a very long day with some uncertainty because of downfalls and off trail nature of this hike.  Please bring all your hiking gear including rain gear, headlamp, lunch and snacks, adequate water for the day. High chances of rainstorm would cancel the hike to be scheduled for a later date.

Mileage: 12-13 miles round trip

Elevation gain: 2600 feet gain. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. 


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