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X-C Ski at Cumbres Pass

Fri, 2022-12-09
Jean Dewart
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Are dogs allowed?: 
Not allowed

Friday, December 9.  Cross country ski at Cumbres Pass - 8 mile out/back ski on Dixie Creek to Chama Valley Overlook.  Metal edged, backcountry skis are required.

I really want to go skiing, and the forecast for the Tues-Thurs storm this week appears to me, to give Cumbres Pass enough snow to ski.  (I follow the Cumbres Trestle snowtel station - when it reaches about 18 inches, there is enough snow to ski at Cumbres Pass).

So, I will be watching the midweek snowstorm - if it is a bust, there will not be enough snow to ski and we will cancel.  So, let me know if you are interested to ski on Friday (sorry for folks who are working) - and we will stay in touch.

The plan will be to leave Los Alamos at 7 am (days are short).

Let me know at if you are interested.  Fingers crossed for snow.  

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