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Kei Davis


Major LAM Activities and Positions Held:

  • Equipment Manager, 2009, 2010
  • Vice President and Climbing School Director, 2008
  • Membership Chairman, 2007, 2008
  • LAM climbing school graduate 2006

Memorable climbs:

As an undergraduate at NMSU, climbed several peaks in the Organ mountains, some several times.  This was from just hiking (the highest one) to 5.4-ish stuff (according to the guide published on the Web since then), didn't know about ropes or pro or climbing shoes back then.  Managed to scare self several times--to keep going up, or try to downclimb?  Good workout, and learned to always take more water in preference to food, and to be prepared for unexpected weather.

Later in southern NM was introduced to trad climbing by friends and friends of friends.  I had no background to judge whether the more experienced (friends) *really* knew what they were doing; the less experienced (friends of friends) were obviously dangerous to themselves and others.  This put me off this activity, almost forever.

Climbed a few of Colorado's 14ers, easier ones, before leaving southern NM.  These were really summertime hikes, not climbs.

Bagged any number of Scottish Highlands Munroes (not hard, there are ~300 of them), including the tallest, Ben Nevis.  Tame stuff, only hazard is white-out when clouds come in, stumbling into snow way over one's head, or walking over the edge of a precipice in either of those conditions.

Hiked many a long multi-day point A to point B route through the Highlands.  Good clean fun that: have a topo map and you can go anywhere.

Took ice climbing school, somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, some time in the '90s.  Not that much climbing, after a day of climbing it became blizzard survival school.  Snow caves are great!

LAM climbing school graduate 2006.  Didn't do it for the climbing, just wanted to learn how to use the gear correctly to protect self in tall trees and multi-storey construction projects.  Rock climbing turned out to be an ongoing and endless challenge, great fun, and great exercise.  Thanks to LAM's climbing school and LAM's many instructors and mentors for providing a solid foundation for doing this safely!

A few other details about Kei:

Accused of safety fanaticism: is unapologetic about this.

Has been known to toprope 5.10 and lead 5.8 on undoubtedly overrated routes.

Falls frequently cross-country skiing, prefers scuba diving (can't fall).

Has prior experience in instruction and instructional organization in (a different) extremely mistake-intolerant skills area.

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