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The Time is Now for the Gila River - Sierra Club talk 7 PM

Mark Jones
Wed, 2014-02-05

The Time is Now for the Gila River
Protecting New Mexico's Last Free-flowing River
7 PM, Wednesday February 5
UNM LA Building 2, Room 220

The threats to the Gila River are reaching a critical point. The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission is under deadline to decide and communicate by December 2014 its decision to the Secretary of the Interior on whether to construct a diversion structure, pipeline and off-stream storage reservoir. This 2014 NM State Legislative Session, beginning January 21st, is the last opportunity for the state legislature to evaluate and weigh in on the diversion and non-diversion alternatives before the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission makes its final decision.   
Join the  Pajarito Group of the  Sierra Club for a presentation by Allyson Siwik, Gila Conservation Coalition Executive Director, on the threat to the Gila River under the Arizona Water Settlements Act and what you can do to help protect the Gila River for people, wildlife, and future generations.

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