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Grand Canyon Backpack (Deer Creek) - non-Mountaineer

Karl Buckendahl
Tue, 2014-09-23

Karl Buckendahl, a long-term friend of the Mountaineers, is part of a Grand Canyon backpack trip that is seeking additional members. They have five confirmed and are looking for up to three more people.  It is a good group of people and I know that our Los Alamos friends would enjoy hiking with them.  If you have time please put the word out and have them call Karl at 928 556 013 for more details.
Dear Jennnifer Robino,

Congratulations! You have been issued a permit 14-06389 for a Grand Canyon backpacking trip beginning on 09/24/2014 for 8 hikers.

    Night by Night Itinerary:
    1.  09/24/2014  AW7  UPPER TAPEATS CAMP SITE       
    2.  09/25/2014  AX7  DEER CREEK CAMP SITE          
    3.  09/26/2014  AX7  DEER CREEK CAMP SITE          
    4.  09/27/2014  AY9  ESPLANADE, AT LARGE CAMPING   
    5.  09/28/2014  OUT  Hiking Out

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