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El Rito Day of the Trad

Sat, 2014-09-27
Brett Kettering


This is a day to get some Trad Leading practice at El Rito Trad. Some will want to TR the single-pitch routes. I planned to have us set Pedernal Cracks, Shoes for Industry, and Cave Woman for those who want to TR. A 60m rope just reaches the bottom for Pedernal Cracks and Cave Woman, which means when lowering someone you have to be watchful on the rope as the person being lowered nears the bottom. We will endeavor to get 70m ropes for these routes



I will have a club sign-in sheet. I'll have waivers for the non-club members who will be there.

No worries if we end-up with an odd number. A group of 3 can form with a lead climber and two followers.

Here's the agenda:

Prior to 8:05am: Those who wish can meet at The Y Parking Area. If you want to head up to El Rito on your own, we plan to arrive there ~9:45am.

8:05am: Depart The Y Parking Area.

8:30am: Meet Tom Claus and any others coming from SF or ABQ areas at NNMCC (Northern NM Community College). If you want to head up to El Rito on your own, we plan to arrive there ~9:45am.

8:35am: Depart NNMCC.

9:45am: Arrive at El Rito Trad parking area.

3pm'ish: Kate and Brett will need to leave to be back to Los Alamos by ~5pm. Others can stay as late as they desire.




For those who already know about this, Michael Altherr suggested I post it here so that we could use club ropes to setup Top Ropes on the single-pitch routes.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER APPLIES: Climbing is a dangerous sport. You are responsible for your own safety.


My cell is 505-412-2033. I already know of several who have committed to attend. They know who they are. If you are not one of them, please send me an e-mail to request to attend. Let me know your Trad climbing skill level.



NOTE: There is currently a prediction for rain and T-Storms on 9/27/14. If that forecast holds, we will cancel this trip. It's too dangerous to climb under those conditions.




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