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Zion National Park Fall Canyoneering

Thu, 2014-10-23
Brett Kettering

This is more of an advisory that some of us will be in Zion National Park for some Canyoneering. Because of the way the permit system works, the groups must be small. However, we thought that there may be others who might be interested in forming groups too. On past trips, we've gotten together outside the canyons for meals and socializing.
We have a group of six (Brandon & Nicole Gabel, Brett & Kate Kettering, Dan Creveling, and Evan Rose) going to Zion National Park to do some Canyoneering in canyons we've wanted to do. We plan to stay in Springdale. If you and at least one other person would like to form another Canyoneering group, you may join us on this trip. You must:

1) Have at least one person in your group capable of leading the canyons you choose.
2) Have or checkout from the club all the Canyoneering gear you will need to do the canyons you choose.
3) Obtain permits for the canyons you choose.
4) Make your own lodging arrangements.
5) Make your own travel arrangements.

If you don't feel like Canyoneering, there is also rock climbing and hiking in the area.

For your information our group's plan is:

10/23/14: Travel to Springdale.
10/24/14: Apply for a last minute lottery permit for Mystery canyon. If we can't get a permit for Mystery we will get a permit for another canyon.
10/25/14: Get a permit and go through Lodge canyon.
10/26/14: Go through Fat Man's Misery canyon (no permit required, but want to keep group small).
10/27/14: Travel home.
I find this site,, has the best canyon beta. If you'd like recommendations for canyons, information about obtaining permits, etc., please don't hesitate to contact me.

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