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Chaquehui Canyon exploration

Sat, 2014-11-01
Jean Dewart & Momo Vuyisich

There is a lovely canyon, between Ancho and Frijoles, that allows an access to the Rio Grande - Chaquehui Canyon.  Let's explore the trail from the Bandelier overlook to the Rio Grande via Chaquehui.  The trail begins at the overlook on the road into the Bandelier Park headquarters.  The Park Service tells us that the trail is brushy - so long pants are a great idea.  When we get to the river, we will do some exploration along the river.  We will return by the same route.  
Plan B - if the trail ends up being impassable, we will ro down to the Park Headquaters and take a hike down the falls trail - there is now an overlook (photo op!) where you can see the falls.
Expect the hike to take about 6-7 hours, with 1000 ft of elevation loss/gain.  Bring 2 quarts of water, sun hat, rain jacket (you never know!), lunch, etc.
If you'd like to come, please send an email to Jean and to Momo - and  We'd like to meet to carpool at 7:45 am.   Bring your Bandelier or NPS pass.  Carpooling details will be emailed to participants.

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