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Galisteo Basin Preserve

Sat, 2015-05-02
Bill Priedhorsky

To explore some new country, and as a practice hike for the May 9-17 Muley Twist trip, let's explore the Galisteo Basin Preserve. The Preserve is a 13,200-acre conservation-based community development project located 15 miles southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the central Galisteo Basin. An area of exceptionally fragile and ecologically significant land and water resources, the Galisteo Basin is internationally celebrated for its spectacular scenic, cultural, and wildlife habitat values. Most of the land will be kept as open space. I've taken a few hikes in the area many years ago, and found it to be very rich archeologically.
50 miles of trails are planned in the Preserve, and 14 built so far. A guide and map of the Preserve trails can be found here. Since this is a new location, this trip is as an explore. I offer no guarantees, but suspect that it will be interesting.
We will leave Los Alamos at 8:30 AM, aiming to arrive at the trailhead about 10:00. I have in mind a hike of 5-6 miles. Bring a snack. I would be happy to stop in Santa Fe for a late lunch or early dinner with those that are interested. Also important to bring are a sunhat, sunscreen, water, and clothing for however cold or wet it might turn out. My hope is that it will be warm, so we can be reminded of what it takes to hike in the canyon country.
This trip is open to all Mountaineers, not just participants in Muley Twist. Contact me if you are interested.

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